Dear Somerset Community Pharmacy contractors and colleagues,

  • Landing GP-CPCS is likely the critically important opportunity this year and in our current national contract development to date. Somerset as a whole primary care system is getting right behind the set-up of the GP-CPCS initiative.
  • Your LPC are working with their GP-colleagues in the LMC and our PCN Leadership Team, as well as with our CCG, to mobilise the GPs to sign up to the implementation. To date 40/65 GP practices have said yes, with others signing up each week.
  • We are working a project plan with NHSE-I regional colleagues on the phasing on GP switch-on across the 65 Somerset practices. It is looking likely to start in March and run through to the summer.
  • We are working with your Community Pharmacy PCN Leads to mobilise them locally on your patch as “ambassadors” for the service too.
  • Part of the project plan will be to support you so you can all claim for the £300 engagement fee allowed for in the service specification-contract.
  • We will be landing this engagement process during w/c 8th March, although the cut-off for collecting evidence to claim your £300 engagement fee has been extended to 20th June 2021 (with the submission deadline for claims 5th July 2021). We are supporting you to complete this well ahead of the new deadline.
  • We now need you as contractors to step up and take your initial actions to start to get ready! To that end, we held a LPC GP-CPCS launch event on the evening of the 9th March and recorded it to share with you as the first step to getting ready.
  • We brought together the LPC committee, our community pharmacy PCN lead team, and the system stakeholders who are helping us get this landed! During the event we explored how best to support the 102 pharmacy businesses and teams.
    In order to meet the specification in Annex F and to qualify for the £300 engagement fee, you and your team now need you to deliver on the following 6 actions:
  1. Watch our on-boarding video at: https://vimeo.com/522019414and read and think over the two short briefing slide decks (attached). We have also shared the animation videos used in the event videos, so you can use them separately if you wish:

PSNC GP-CPCS animationhttps://psnc.org.uk/our-news/psnc-launches-gp-cpcs-animation/

EMIS web video guidehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyQUfUR2lz0&feature=youtu.be

  1. bExpect a call from your Community pharmacy PCN Lead to discuss the go-live on your patch and then document that the discussion with Lead has been held.
  2. c.Read the updated Service specification and Toolkit.
  3. Brief your whole Pharmacy Team on the new service.
  4. Understand how the new GP-CPCS referral system will work and have the necessary SOP in place.
  5. Claim the £300 via the MYS portal for engagement fee.
  • Then complete a brief LPC Survey-monkey questionnaire to confirm that you have completed actions a to f above! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/6NLNJZP
  • We believe that we in Somerset will land a highly effective service implementation plan switching on the GP network to drive CPCS to high standards and a very decent volume at pace. This in turn will give you that new expanded role within your pharmacies and strengthen your care-provision as part of the PCN and provide that much needed revenue to support your businesses financial resilience – exciting times.
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