Minor Ailments Service Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

The purpose of the Minor Ailments PGDs are to improve access to medicines for minor ailments for patients.

Pharmacists can only supply and or administer medicines under PGDs if there is an advantage for the patient without compromising their safety.

Pharmacists must work within the limits of each PGD.


PGD MAS 1 Chloramphenicol V4.0 August 2023 FINAL (1)


PGD MAS 2 Nitrofurantoin V4.0 July 2023 FINAL (1)

PGD MAS 7 Aspirin for pre-eclampsia v1.1 Dec 2021 (1)

PGD MAS 8 Folic acid 5mg in pregnancy v1.0 Dec 2022 (2)