Community Pharmacy Quality Improvement Scheme

Dear Community Pharmacy Teams,

Thank you to all pharmacies who have engaged with the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service. Every referral that is made is further supporting patients access to care in the right place at the right time with the right professional resulting in more appointments being made available for patients with more serious conditions who need to see a GP.

Following the great start with the service the, Somerset CCG have designed a CPCS patient and practice outcome improvement scheme. If all pharmacies contracted in Somerset qualify for a share of the support fund it would equal £1600, however we will award and distribute the entire fund across those that do qualify up to a payment threshold of £2000 per qualifying contractor.

Quality Performance Indicators Target
Activity Threshold 4 Completed referrals per month (Feb-April)
PGD/MAS Delivery 4 Per month (Feb-April)




Process Compliance and Timeliness

Contact patient within 4 Hours

Escalation process – Contacting surgery directly where patients require a specific clinician follow up.

Administrative compliance – Completing Pharm outcomes template correctly and in detail following consultation.

Managing closures via DOS and patient care via your Business Continuity Plans.

No complaints from practice or patients

This initiative has been created to increase and support the collaborative working relationship between community pharmacy and general practice to further enhance access and quality outcomes for patient care.

For further information, next steps and managing the scheme along with operational top tips on the support initiative, please click Best Practice Learnings to date for success with CPCS

Yours sincerely,

Edward Garvey: Primary Care Commissioning Officer: Somerset CCG

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