LPC Members and Officers

Somerset LPC Member Employer Telephone Email
Peter Whitaker Chair Boots 07840 745383 peterwhitaker123@gmail.com
Mila Burke Treasurer Independent 07840 745383 mila.somersetlpc@gmail.com
Shital Patel Vice Chair Independent 0773 0569600 shital@allcures.com
James  Nicholas Member Boots 07725 068072 james.x.nicholas@boots.co.uk
Vic Nation Member Independent 01823 250251 vic.nation@nhs.net
Elin Palmer Member Morrisons elin.palmer@morrisonsplc.co.uk
Nicola McKay Member Boots nicola.mckay@boots.co.uk
Louise Larby Member Day Lewis Louiselarby@daylewisplc.com
Charlie Sarbjit Member Independent
Michael Lennox Chief Executive Officer 07798 861866 michael.somersetlpc@gmail.com
Yvonne Lamb Engagement Officer 07932 952497 yvonne.somersetlpc@gmail.com
Cathy Lawless Admin Officer cathy.somersetlpc@gmail.com

Members Declaration of Interests available to view Somerset LPC Members Declaration Of Interests

Michael Lennox – Chief Executive Officer

Yvonne Lamb – Engagement Officer