Emergency Hormonal Contraception Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

The purpose of the Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) Patient Group Directions (PGDs) are to improve access to emergency hormonal contraception.

Pharmacists can only supply and or administer medicines under PGDs if there is an advantage for the person without compromising their safety.

Pharmacists must work within the limits of each PGD.


In order to supply EHC in Somerset under a PGD:

1. The pharmacist must complete the mandatory training to provide this service (see appendix 2 of the PGDs) and keep this up to date at the required time intervals.

2. The Declaration of Competence should be completed by the pharmacist and reviewed regularly (recommended at least every 2 years) and after an update to the PGDs.

3. The pharmacy should be registered with Somerset Council for provision of this service – contact yvonne.somersetlpc@gmail.com for details.

4. Each pharmacist providing the service should read the updated PGDs (below) and sign the page at the end of each one to confirm they have read and understood the PGD and agree to supply / administer the medicine only in accordance with this PGD. The pharmacist’s line manager also needs to sign.

5.  A copy of the PGD signed by all pharmacists providing the service and their line manager should be kept in each pharmacy and be available for inspection by a Somerset County Council representative on request.


PharmOutcomes – recording supply and claiming payment

PharmOutcomes should be used to record all provisions of EHC and claim for payment.

Allow your data to be shared with PharmOutcomes in MyCPPE.



FINAL Levonorgestrel PGD Version Jan 2023 signed

FINAL Ulipristal PGD _Version_Jan 2023 signed

Somerset Child Sexual Exploitation – quick guide A5 booklet Feb-2017

Somerset Safeguarding Children Board – child exploitation

EHC Full Safeguarding Professionals contact list December 2022

EHC YP pathway January 2023



Reporting suspected child exploitation concerns

If you have any concerns about safeguarding or child exploitation concerns for a vulnerable child and would like some help please contact the Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership (scroll down to find the phone numbers and links). Please don’t stay silent.

Child exploitation concerns should also be reported via the Child Exploitation Police Reporting Form.

If you consider a child is at immediate risk of harm you should do all you can to keep them in the pharmacy and call 999 or 101.